Rookie [SOCRATES] (20 07 1991 / LAGOS, NIGERIA)

Biography of FREEMAN DAVID

Freeman David is a Nigerian, born on 20th of July,1991 On the highlands of Lagos. David is from Lagos state. David have a strong passion for poetry and this started with his reading of African literature in his elementary school, haven written over 20 unpublished poems and 17 published poems and also 5 unpublished books, David stands to be one of the future astounding poets. David is also an active writer on numerous local dailies, and blogs of which are blogger, twitter, Facebook, nairaland, bbc, writers-workshop et al. David is currently studying Philosophy at Delta State University, Abraka. He can be contacted on or on his mobile: +2347069186181, twitter handler is mercenary1x. David currently reside in Warri, Delta state. Nigeria.




what happens to a dettered dream?
will you pray for it or forget it.
Pray for me and I will pray for you
pray for the wicked too
pray for the genius and the not so smart
who with their heart still touch our hearts
pray for those who will destroy all the baby girls and
boy with their evil toys
pray for the robbers pray for the theives

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