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Freewill Amon Poems

1. A Little Close; A Little Far. 12/16/2012
2. Let's Talk About Love 12/16/2012
3. I Like The Word 'Love.' 12/16/2012
4. Heart Breakers 12/17/2012
5. I Know What Love Is 12/24/2012
6. Stinking Thinking 1/15/2013
7. This Is What You'Ve Made Me 1/16/2013
8. The World Against Me 1/16/2013
9. Life 1/23/2013
10. A Little, But... 1/26/2013
11. Depression Eruption 1/26/2013
12. The 'Who' That I Am 1/26/2013
13. How It Has Been 1/28/2013
14. At The Door 1/28/2013
15. The New Me 1/28/2013
16. There Is No Such Thing 1/29/2013
17. Abigail 1/29/2013
18. To The One That Cares 1/29/2013
19. A Special Friend 1/29/2013
20. Cry From The Deep 1/29/2013
21. My Sweet Distraction 1/29/2013
22. The Highway 2/7/2013
23. The Awakening 2/8/2013
24. There Are Two Things 2/8/2013
25. The World Way, And My Way 2/8/2013
26. Accident 2/7/2013
27. The Dos And Don'Ts To Me 2/8/2013
28. Not Guilty 2/13/2013
29. Heaven Against Me 2/13/2013
30. Owerri; My City. 7/17/2013
31. The 411 On The 911 12/2/2013
32. I Miss A Mother 1/28/2013
33. Welcome To A New Day 1/23/2013
34. I Like It... Because... 1/23/2013
35. Sexy Ladies 1/26/2013
36. Dynamic World 5/18/2013
37. Sometimes 1/26/2013
38. She 5/18/2013

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Her eyes glitters like the icing on a cake.
Bosom so smooth like hot loaded bowl of pounded yam
Her breasts are like bunches of grapes
Her kiss is a drug I take and feel so dizzy
Her touch caresses me like the evening breeze

The touch of her boottie feels like the influence of alcohol
The aura of her presence is like the aroma from my favourite diet.
The sound of her voice is like that of a loner's pet.
I kiss her on her lips standing at 5 feet,9 inches
I open her bra for a little play and she says, baby please...

Looking at her in her ...

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I Like The Word 'Love.'

I like the word 'love' not because it is simple to spell
But because it cuts across the poor and those who live well
It makes you walk pass a street without fear of danger
It makes you feel welcomed even when you're a stranger
It makes the world a safe and better place to live
It tells you that you might hate apples, but you just have to let them be.

I like the word 'love' not just because it makes me hug my pillow

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