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Biography of G PAUL FISHER


Paul G Fisher, really did create the world, and has been creating countries, and races, since he was a child, though he was sadly used to also fulfil somebody elses agendas, that is now coming to light, though such agenda will quickly be undone when he receives and keeps the magic and equipment he needs to accomplish that....
He will also be a millionaire and a billionaire, successfully, and that had better happen very quickly indeed, and in reality, as he has had enough of being used by pirates, thieves, and other lowlife scum who have not the right to use the worlds maker! ! Hence why earthquakes and floods have been apparent lately, and that is absolutely nothing to do with christ, who is obviously somebody other than Paul Fisher, as he has proven! !
It is time oil companies were told where their wealth comes from, and movie, music, and book companies, and communication and transport companies and utility and all other big money makers had better F******* HURRY UP AND PUT PLENTY OF MONEY IN PAUL FISHERS BANK ACCOUNT, AND THAT WILL ALSO APPLY TO MASONS AND THE CHURCH ASWELL, AS THEY HAVE HAD NO RIGHT TO USE HIM! ! !
This really is the last chance such creatures will have to do the right thing! ! ! ! ! ! |!

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My Amazing Cat

My Amazing Cat

My beautiful cat, Thomas is his name
A wonderful creature, free from blame,
As immortal as any creature could be,
As immortal as God, who is incredible, you see,
He cannot be harmed, tis true, you will see,
Now for a miracle, take me back in time,
Save me, my cat, and my mum successfully

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