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1. Forward Time! Steady Drummer 5/2/2006
2. We Romantics 5/2/2006
3. I Am No Prophet, Nothing Special 5/2/2006
4. Bubble Words 5/2/2006
5. Death And An Angel Embraced Each Other In The Hotel Lobby 5/4/2006
6. Fly By High Your Noon 5/4/2006
7. Sumer Is Icumen En 5/4/2006
8. Maybe A Butterfly 5/4/2006
9. Sonnet I 5/4/2006
10. Sonnet Iii 5/4/2006
11. Lunchtime Thoughts 5/4/2006
12. Sonnet Ii 5/4/2006
13. I Am Silent, Nervous, Hiding 5/5/2006
14. Fire 5/13/2006
15. Untitled 5/13/2006
16. ...And Nobody Cares 5/13/2006
17. Come On! Come On! 5/13/2006
18. April 18 1955 5/13/2006
19. Nervous 6/17/2006
20. The Smile 4/23/2007
21. Show Me Up Your Savoury Ways 9/23/2007
22. Night Meditation 9/23/2007
23. Upon Seeing You Again After A Week All Alone And To Myself 5/2/2006
24. Life Here 5/2/2006
25. Golden Long 5/4/2006
26. And It Was The Beginning Of A Long And Beautiful Friendship 9/23/2007

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Best Poem of G. Silver

And It Was The Beginning Of A Long And Beautiful Friendship

We met - strangers - one day in the same old room
We'd always haunted
We dove right in, I guess - we two
Told each other all we knew about ourselves
Just to make conversation
(Marks for participation)

We exchanged, I guess - the details of our situation
Found each other close at last
Each in the other what the other had sought
Each hoping other had similiar thought

And it was the beginning of a long
and beautiful friendship

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Bubble Words

Why are you so perfect?
Wherefore are your fanciful words,
And coloured allusions springing from?
On which cloud do your metaphors float with such grace,
As to take the hearts of a thousand lands,
And the wind of a thousand sails?

My very own love, to my unworthy eyes,
You are of an exquisite and unparalled beauty when thou dost speak.

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