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I Bid Thee Farewell

I bid thee farewell my sweet love
All the staggering moments we both shared
All the joy we both brought to one another's heart
All the great things we did for one another

I bid thee farewell my sweet love
All the laughter we shared together
All the memories we created together
All the pleasures we did for one another

I bid thee farewell my sweet love
It was good while it lasted
O, I do miss it, all those moments
I am only left with memories, which I shall forever cherish

I bid thee farewell my sweet love
Now that it is all over, all I can do ...

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Forced to let go of you
Forced to leave you
Rot away in the wilderness

Oh how I do miss you
How I miss your sweetness
How I miss your simpleness
How I miss waking up
To you in the morning

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