Gabriel jerel Pittman

Biography of Gabriel jerel Pittman

Born and raise in atlanta georgia graduated from highschool and now in college. I am an insping poet want to be like maya angelou and the other pooets. You can follow me on twitter at @Jerelmusic I will follow back! Updates

That Special Girl! !

Each night I sleep wondering if shes ok
I make sure that I call her at least twice aday
I know that she is alright know that shes safe
Dont know what tomorrow will bring so I pray
Shes the sweetest person I have ever known
She touch my heart in so many ways my bestfriend I love her no matter what they say
Missing her so much I cant explain I wrote this for her to ease the pain my love for her will always stay the same even though I can be so ashame what can I say shes a beautiful girl i

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