Gabriel Jirgba

Gabriel Jirgba Poems

1. You 12/9/2012
2. Listen 4/28/2013
3. Please, Come Back 8/15/2013
4. Leave Me Alone 9/30/2013
5. Harmattan 11/22/2013
6. Lost Love 12/31/2013
7. Writer's Love 2/24/2014
8. The Sprint 10/31/2012
9. Fragrance 11/4/2012
10. Twelveth Hour 11/4/2012
11. Give Me Love 5/6/2014
12. Something Special 7/10/2014
13. Delusion 7/10/2014
14. My Princess 7/24/2014
15. I Once Had Your Love 8/14/2014
16. Strings 2/23/2015
17. A Midnight Prayer 12/7/2012
18. Passion94 5/1/2016
19. Roses 11/4/2012
20. Living Life 5/4/2014
21. Blue 3/21/2014
Best Poem of Gabriel Jirgba


Last night was bright
There were lights, drinks and pals
Grins widened by thoughts of love
Flames in hearts of friends
A celebration written in the skies
Each star was a perfect rhyme,
But after midnight
We returned -all to our homes

At home, there wasn't a desire to sleep
Walking into my room -after bathe-
I suddenly felt so weary and lone
Like a certain force was over all of me
I tried to make it to my bed -it seemed far
I just sqat; leaned to the wall -head down
There had been a celebration out there with friends,
There was a depression in ...

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A Midnight Prayer

Gimme a lullaby Lord, gimme a song
Gimme a beautiful sparrow-like voice
Gimme a song never sung before
That I may sing to this sleeping child
To this resting 'Metalic Blue Butterfly'
Who'se being all along on the petals of my heart

Gimme a candle Lord, gimme light
Inner the darkest corners of my heart

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