Gabriel Maybank

Rookie (November '84 / Virginia, USA)

Biography of Gabriel Maybank

Gabriel Maybank poet

I am Jamaician-African American. I currently reside in Atlanta, GA, USA. I have a heart for looking at things outside the box mainly because most of my days have been in the box trying to see what's outside. I believe in true spiritualism, whatever that means to you not to me. I try to take into account my own purpose for this earth and attempt to guide others into realizing theirs. 'One cannot show another their heart, only attempt to help them realize that it is there.'-GM If the heart does not think on evil, then every other thought must be considered righteous no one has explained to me that there was a median.

I am an author and an audio engineer technician, of course writing comes first!

Gabriel Maybank's Works:

Outskirts Press 2011 Updates

Message: From The Father

Listen to the voice of your Father,
And obey
In his voice there is:
Joy… Anger
Forgiveness… Discipline
Wisdom… Understanding

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