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Rookie - 63 Points [The Darkened Bride] (22.5.1984 / Bratislava)

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Gabriela Duricova poet

I have always loved reading books. In literature I found magic - anything and everything is possible between a books covers. To me books are not things, they are beings... they speak, they breathe, they share their outlooks, wisdom, they ask questions, theyre soaked with emotion. Books have their own memory separate from humans.

Some time in 2010 a friend asked me to translate for him some of my Slovak poems (Slovak is my native language) and there dates the start of my English writings. I mainly focus on all sorts of poetry, song lyrics, short stories and fairy-tales; I like traditional forms and free verse equally but I find it important for each of my works to follow a specific rhythm. Every piece I write is different from the others, I avoid holding on to just one type of structure in an attempt to give each of my works a unique character.

As much as writing helps me vent and keep my mind clear, my main goal is to reach out to the readers and evoke some sort of emotion. Whatever I write about, emotion is the base my storyline is built upon. I incline to using surreal imagery, as it helps me portray well known, obvious or you can say ordinary figures/impressions/situations/relationship patterns in an original way.

Thank you for visiting my page, I wish you happy reading (and writing in case youre my fellow author) :) Updates

Blackberry Rain

Your hands I find amid blackberry rain
Ever they wander from bitter to sweet
What if we really were destined to meet
When buying tickets on runaway train?

Your lips are mild just like soft ripened peach
Seducing my sad eyes of child forlorn
Day after day our love shall be reborn
You say; but good tends to get out of reach...

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