Gabriell Albert

Rookie (July 17th,1994 / Flordia)

Biography of Gabriell Albert

I am 14 I am from Gainesville, FL I love animals but I write very depressing poems I feel like I need to vent so I write it out and I get these hard feelings out of my sistem I want to be free of this madness that is poisnig my mind

To tell you more about me I love to Read books all the time. I have a Bf but he moved we are still in close relationship and I love evey detail about him he is kind, sweet, he makes me feel stronger inside and most of all he cares the same way about me. I also love to write poems that have a feeling that is strong about them. Many people I know say I can be annoying and I agree with them I can be very troublesome. I am in High School a Freshman and I intend on going to collage and getting a Frenzics degree and being a CSI not like the ones on T.V. no I like to do it the right way and not scew up Just joking. In my Freshmen year I am taking AFJROTC (Air Force Jr. ROTC) and so far I love it all I have to do is stay above a C average (which I am trying to do) and hopefully stay the entire 4 years in the ROTC field so I am more pysically active and it may help me in the long-run.

Gabriell Albert's Works:

N/A Updates

Frozen In Time

Are you giving me a chance?
To see my past
Or to see my future
Just a glimpse to one place
Would I want to see what has already happed?
Or learn what is to become of me later in life
You tell me make your choice
Whether to go forward or back
To the beginning of time

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