Gabriella Franco

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Gabriella Franco Poems

1. You Quit On Me 6/5/2006
2. Hate 6/5/2006
3. The Prose Of Life 6/6/2006
4. I Do But I Don'T 6/7/2006
5. I Never Wanted It To Be Like This 6/7/2006
6. Burying Me Alive 6/7/2006
7. I Want To Live 7/31/2006
8. Unwell 7/31/2006
9. Ringing[i Hang Up] 8/2/2006
10. Miss Murdered(My Name) 8/4/2006
11. Middle Road[song] 8/6/2006
12. Memories We Don'T Have 8/7/2006
13. Got It Bad 8/7/2006
14. Friends... Or So I Call Them 8/9/2006
15. Fade From My Memory[song] 8/9/2006
16. Unfinished(Yes, 'Unfinished' Is The Name Of The Poem.) 8/9/2006
17. This Side Of Me 8/9/2006
18. Where'D The Daddies Go? 8/10/2006
19. I Just Wanted A Friend 8/10/2006
20. Roses And Violets 8/31/2006
21. You Plus Me 8/31/2006
22. Not Afraid 8/31/2006
23. But My Heart Was Too Breakable 9/1/2006
24. I Don'T Know How I Kept My Voice Strong 9/2/2006
25. I'M Okay 9/3/2006
26. In One Accord 9/4/2006
27. Abc,123 9/4/2006
28. The Basics 9/4/2006
29. Remember, I Am 9/4/2006
30. Have I Pushed You So Far[i Need You] 9/6/2006
31. Nervous 9/6/2006
32. Ocean Of Love 9/9/2006
33. Faded Masterpiece[song] 9/23/2006
34. There's No Escaping What's Inside 8/11/2006
35. When I Don'T Write[short] 8/15/2006
36. The Prettiest Night 8/16/2006
37. Perfect Match 8/17/2006
38. Lost 8/18/2006
39. You Called Me Again 8/23/2006
40. Go On Without Me 8/23/2006

Comments about Gabriella Franco

  • Abigail Keller (8/22/2006 3:55:00 PM)

    Gabriella you are so great! I mean your a wonderful talented writer (in poetry AND songs) and an awesome person! We may just seem to be pen pals but it is because we relate to each others writing so well that I think we have a different kind of bond. You have the most clever and creative mind, I don't know how you do it! You take anything: any teenage heartache, adult situation or regular activity and turn it into a tight string of rhymes and rhythm everyone can enjoy. I absolutely adore your poetry and often come back to read it again and again. You have a different way with words that always seems to display the exact way I'm feeling without exaggerated expression or over complication. No matter how hard we try to keep close our feelings they always seem to drift out through a poem and, well, seems to me like that's the way it should be! I love reading about you because it's clearly your distinct flow and style every time.
    Love ya!
    Your seperated sis,

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  • Elizabeth Cross (6/9/2006 6:41:00 PM)

    You're a very good writter, Gabriella. You write from life and things that happen everyday. Your writing is unique and special because you write for yourself and you don't care what other people think. Keep up the good work. I loo forward to seeing many more great poems from you in the future.
    With Love,

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Best Poem of Gabriella Franco

Freshman Year

It was so cool being a freashman
That, I must say
I got a lot of slack
And didn't get homework every day

My brother's one grade up
And he spent hours doing work
I don't want to be an upperclassman
Cuz freshman has it's perks

You get picked on, but not too much
You're still a kid, out of touch

You find out what your subgroup is and
where they all come from
It's that freshman year, that you learn to love
The joys of life and high school years
The teachers who will lend an ear
The kids who like to beat you up
And then the emos who don't...

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The Prose Of Life

Those who can see beauty in everything
are they who will be beautiful

Those who can see hope in everything
are the ones who will be hopeful

Those who can see humor in everything
Are the ones who will laugh

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