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My poems are written from the heart, therefore, while they are here to share, approval is not the goal. The goal is just to stay true to herself and her style of writing, Even if I am the only one to see the beauty of it. I wish I could dedicate the works as a whole however, they are just not suited for that. That all being said, I still hope you will enjoy them. I am open to questions and suggestions if you so much as wish to lend them. Updates

Perfection In Man's Form

At first there was just you, then me
Growing up blissfully unaware of each other’s existence
Then we met.
Forces colliding like two trains so different then so alike
We talked, you made me laugh
Slowly my heart crawled form my chest to your hands. Where it has stayed
You held it.
The move was yours. From the moment our lips touched, for me there was no going back
The passion we had let build up inside, exploded in our frenzy

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