Gajanan Mishra

Gold Star - 237,159 Points (3rd April 19sixty / Tikapali, Patnagarh, Balangir, Odisha, India now at Tapobana, Titilagarh, Odisha, India)

Gajanan Mishra Poems

2721. Butterfly And Flower -new- 8/8/2017
2722. Let The Mouth Speak -new- 8/8/2017
2723. True Deliverance -new- 8/8/2017
2724. ସଭିଙ୍କ ପାଇଁ For All -new- 8/9/2017
2725. Wisdom - Life -new- 8/9/2017
2726. Good Will And Love -new- 8/9/2017
2727. Men Of The World Fight -new- 8/9/2017
2728. Summon All -new- 8/9/2017
2729. A Journey - Life -new- 8/9/2017
2730. Dreams In So Many Ways -new- 8/9/2017
2731. Stay Cold With The Fire -new- 8/9/2017
2732. Empty Secret - Life -new- 8/9/2017
2733. Khali Sabda - Jibana ଖାଲି ଶବ୍ଦ - ଜୀବନ (Odia) -new- 8/9/2017
2734. Crying In Forest ଅରଣ୍ୟ ରୋଦନ -new- 8/10/2017
2735. ଆକାଶ ତଥାପି Still, The Sky -new- 8/10/2017
2736. ଶେଷରୁ ଆରମ୍ଭ -new- 8/10/2017
2737. Standoff -new- 8/10/2017
2738. I Talk To Myself -new- 8/10/2017
2739. Katha Hue Nija Saha (Odia) -new- 8/10/2017
2740. Katha Hue Nija Saha ନିଜ ସହ ନିଜେ କଥା ହୁଏଁ (Odia) -new- 8/10/2017
2741. British Legacy - The Judiciary ବ୍ରିଟେନ ପ୍ରଦତ୍ତ ସଂପତ୍ତି- ବିଚାର ବିଭାଗ -new- 8/10/2017
2742. Canvas - Painting -new- 8/10/2017
2743. Share Your Idea -new- 8/10/2017
2744. I Mean I Understand Nothing, -new- 8/10/2017
2745. Trust Me I Am Yours -new- 8/10/2017
2746. My Area -new- 8/10/2017
2747. Day - Bright One -new- 8/10/2017
2748. Rain In August -new- 8/11/2017
2749. Death Of A Man -new- 8/11/2017
2750. Rocks In River -new- 8/11/2017
2751. My Love My Voice -new- 8/11/2017
2752. Light, Like It. -new- 8/11/2017
2753. Wait Not -new- 8/11/2017
2754. With Extravagance -new- 8/11/2017
2755. Shed Your Skin -new- 8/11/2017
2756. Down-To-Earth Nature -new- 8/11/2017
2757. My Men, I Invite You All -new- 8/11/2017
2758. I Am Thirsty For Light -new- 8/11/2017
2759. Link Aadhar -new- 8/11/2017
2760. Light, You Please Come -new- 8/11/2017
Best Poem of Gajanan Mishra

Why I Greet A Woman

I greet a woman
For beauty
In body and in soul
I know her heart
Is pure
I know love
Flows out from within a woman
I love woman
A woman takes
Optimistic view of life
I know
A woman's motto is
To love and be loved
I greet woman
Woman is capable
Woman can cook meals
Woman can decorate
The home in style
Woman can teach her kids
Woman never feels tired
I greet woman
Woman is strong and fit
Physically and within
Woman has confidence
Woman takes own decisions
And knows better
What is right for her
Woman has a mind of ...

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No body is there in the station,
no train is there at present.
Welcome the air to pass.
My son, be cautious
lest the air watch you
and take you out
from the station.

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