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I feel 'Destiny' has designed our journey. Nature, is a constant. We are not. As with seasons, 'Life changes occur' I have learned to accept natures creative, and destructive forces. Having the capability of either stimulating, or retarding the human appetites.In any case, 'consume the written presentations' and digest, the characteristics of our universe. There are many covert plans for 'Destiny's Journey' - Join Me
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'Hi Moon'
I bet you are proud of yourself being able 'to just hang out above'
Delighted, by looking down through space while dispersing your moonlit beacon.

Seemingly, you attempt to dominate the prominence of other celestial bodies.

When camouflaging your two-faced sphere, a temporary deception occurs
By transition, earths shadows are re-arranged from light, to a sullen dark side likened to, 'a tempermental mood swing'

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