Gangsta Sta

Rookie (28 August 1966 / Cape Town, South Africa)

Biography of Gangsta Sta

Grew up as foster child. The youngest of 23 kids reared by a Widow.
Violence, poverty my everyday life. Gangsterism a norm, but yet i survived. I chose to be a success. i chose to take the the odd beatings from my other adopted siblings to make me strong! I chose to take my anger as vehicle to excel in everything i do. I chose to not carry the anger, the hurt and pain but retrun it to my neighbour with love and respect.I chose not to fall into the trap of drugs and gansterism (even though i tried it for awhile) . I chose to use my example of success and drive others to reach their heights in life.

Now i am a proud Father of a 21 year old Young Man. An awesome human being.

In all things, in everything i do i do it with all the love in my heart! !

I am a MAN! And not by muscle, Not by material wealth, not by my statutre in the a world defined by human materialistic achivements. But I AM A MAN for learning to listen! and not jumping to solve. By learning to give of self with no expecation of getting back. For learning to love without conditions! Updates

In Down We'Re Up

I stare outside my window
It is a sunny day
But all around me clouds are
Forming, for my soul
Has gone astray

I try to think of
Happiness, but that i
Cannot find

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