Garland Jodie Jeen

Rookie (1/7/1989 / China, HK)

Garland Jodie Jeen Poems

1. The Slit 11/7/2011
2. Every Well-Cooked Meal 11/7/2011
3. Keep Crushing... 11/7/2011
4. The Black Nail 11/7/2011
5. Slipping Moon 11/7/2011
6. A Teardropp Amongst The Raindrops On The Pane 11/7/2011
7. What In Vain Is In Veins 11/8/2011
8. Disciplined Affection 11/8/2011
9. Scribbled 11/8/2011
10. Paint Beyond Boundary 11/8/2011
11. A Black Fountain 11/8/2011
12. Grace Locked 11/8/2011
13. The Same Heavens 11/8/2011
14. The Tip. A Cut But No Blood 11/8/2011
15. 'Cause When I Stand Close 11/8/2011
16. Offhand, Love. Offhand Love. 11/8/2011
17. Irregular Love Needs A Regular Drug 11/8/2011
18. A Crisis In A Ghost 11/8/2011
19. Give Me Two Coffees 11/8/2011
20. If You'Re A Promise 11/9/2011
21. I Play A Human Mind 11/9/2011
22. Love Made 11/9/2011
23. In The Abdomen, In The Arms 11/9/2011
24. Mousy Pet 11/9/2011
25. Merge With Tears 11/9/2011
26. One Who Stays Awake All Year Long 11/9/2011
27. Only One Gender 11/9/2011
28. Going Through Howevers 11/9/2011
29. Artistry Is A Very Essence To Me; But I Can'T Leave Out Eatery. 11/9/2011
30. Three Is Too Much. Two Is Too Little. 11/9/2011
31. Bb Wonders 11/9/2011
32. I Throw Tantrums Into Space 11/9/2011
33. Illusory I'Ce-Cream 11/9/2011
34. Deep Feeling Double Ee 11/9/2011
35. A Litre Of Friendship 11/9/2011
36. Switch Off The Luck 11/9/2011
37. A Simple Equation Has A Difficult Answer. 11/9/2011
38. Jealousy Hell And Helps 11/9/2011
39. Absorbing Lavender 11/9/2011
40. Dentist's Two Legs Dancing Inside Mouths 11/9/2011

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Best Poem of Garland Jodie Jeen

My Melting Snowman

</>Your finger points to the highway

cars at high speed i'm afraid..

whenever there is a running race

i get the last prize by reaching the finishing line late

it's too late to give you a say..

Your finger is just a spray,

but man, I believe you.

You're another robot? You're too cold to be one..

You can't be time-tested, not to mention a legend.

I know now; you point a way for me to go

Want me to leave you...can i leave you be?

then you melt...

I 'm still walking further away from you.

I think to...

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Keep Crushing...

</>How can a crash and a crush happen here in the carpark

i'm supposed to clench my fists in the dark

But now i'm intrepid, ever as much

Holding hands are safer, something between lovers

Inside the private car sitting a human and a shadow

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