Garo Hagop Tarakjian

Rookie (Born on july 19 1981 / Lebanon Beirut)

Biography of Garo Hagop Tarakjian

Tarakjian was born in Lebanon Beirut to Armenian Genocide from Adana. At the age of 1 after his father death, grew up without father, he went to school Vahan Tekeian. at age of 12 he continued his education on his own, supporting himself by taking odd jobs, such as working as an Diamond setter. Tarakjian decided to become a Systematic Theologian student after his mother relate him to Biblical stories. he grew up at ST Vartan Church, he start singing in Church when he was 7 years old, and start playing piano at age 6. his first stories appeared in the 1997s. Among these was (The rocker man) in theater at (Hay Yegeghetsaser Hokevor Miyutyun Church) many of Tarakjian`s Musics, stories, philosophies, logics, was based on his childhood experiences. Updates

Isle Of Patmos

why did you do what you did?
unless you understand indeed.
do not sit at home and think of you.
act like a thunder, wait like a hunger.

i travelled to chaos.
i saw the moon beside Boaz.
It's hard to explain how u can fly.
u can`t fly but u can always try.

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