Garrett Westcott

Biography of Garrett Westcott

Hello, my name is Garrett Westcott. I was born into a white middle-class family. My dad worked two jobs in order to send me and my siblings to private Christian schools.

All my childhood I had gone to church, Sunday school, and had religion classes in school. However, it was not until I took a confirmation class after school in the eighth grade to become a member of my parents church that I remember really understanding the Christian faith. I do not even know if I believed in Jesus before then but I know I believed in God.

While attending college, I decided to cement in my Christian faith and did some truth searching to find reasons for my faith. I concluded that I believe that Christianity is the only true religion because of its love, righteousness, and miracles. I believe that Jesus was a true historical figure, the Son of God, and that He performed all the miracles in the Bible that it says He did including resurrecting from the dead. I believe this because the Apostles went to their horrible deaths attesting to Jesus' words and miracles for a good and loving cause.

Now, I am trying to bring people glimpses of the Christian faith through these poems in hopes that they too might someday decide to become Christians and receive eternal life.

I hope these poems will be a blessing to your life.

Garrett Westcott Updates

God Is Truly Real

He was there when I was born
He will be there also when I die
Through all life's seasons
He has never left my side

God has always been faithful
Though I have not always been so
Even in the darkest night
He has never let me go