Gary Diamond

Rookie (04-10-1984 / Portsmouth, UK)

Biography of Gary Diamond

Self-professed laziest poet alive. Works in short bursts of creativity before getting bored and not writing again for months. Hates 90% of poems submitted here, but knows that the ones he most hates are probably the ones people would actually comment on and score highly.

Influences are Bukowski, Vonnegut, Burroughs, Burgess, Orwell, all the idiots of the world, all the bad landlords and whatever else.

Also a musician, painter and intellectual. Party trick: playing four wine glasses at once.

Gary Diamond's Works:

Published? You've got to be joking.

Have you read anything I've posted here? I can barely string two words together, let alone write a novel or a big book of poetry. Updates


What does it mean?
If we're smart enough to have all the questions
Why can't we trade them all for just a few answers?

I try not to deal in absolutes.
I try to make the best of a bad job
Even if it wasn't my mistake
I'll help to patch it up.
Just give me that chance.

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