Gary Fellows

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Biography of Gary Fellows

This Poet has been writing periodically for the last 20 years. Haling from Salford, Manchester, UK, he now lives in Surrey.
He has recently began collating poems he wrote over the years some of which were ideas for lyrics in his band River Of Life. Most have been written as pure poetry over the years, motivated by events and inspirations.
He tends to write from the heart about personal matters as well as extraneous matters that mean something to him. In essence the poetry is a product of someone who cares about the planet, it's welfare and that of its inhabitants. Not just statements and observations, they often ask questions for the reader to ponder.
He feels that poems should be inspiring and questioning. He is not content to just knock out words about the obvious or merely a reiteration of ones ideology, belief system or world view.
As a writing style, he rarely sets out to write in any particular format, but tends to fall into the style as he formulates the ideas at conception. Commentators have noted a rhythmical style with many of the poems, which the author attributes to the influence of music which he holds with great importance in his life.
Together with newer poems, he has put them in digital form.
Until now, he has generally kept his poetry private. However, he has plucked up the courage to expose his inner thoughts and muses to the scrutiny of others.
This subsequently prompted him to submit some to this website for all to see.
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Alone Again

Like lots of tomorrows
We beat at this world
Pent up, wrenched up
With time we’re all spent up

Blind in thought
Lost in drapes
Drooping down within our minds
Reality escapes

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