Gary Halsey Sr.

Rookie (July 20th,1946 / Frankfort, Indiana)

Biography of Gary Halsey Sr.

Gary Halsey Sr. poet

The author was born in a small town in Indiana, called Frankfort. He was well known as the class clown, and also somehow was christened with the nickname of “Kak”. He was forever talking. If you had, or even seemed like you had the slightest interest in what he was saying, he would talk your ear off. He is one of those characters that you never wanted to make eye contact with, in fear that you would get him talking. Well, he grew up. Needless to say, things didn’t change much; he still loved to “Kak”. The author was, Gary W. Halsey Sr.

He liked to think that he was a “normal” kid, but he wasn’t. His mom had dreams that he would become this famous movie star, (which he didn’t) , but it wasn’t because she didn’t groom him to be one. She had him take tap dance lessons, dance lessons, even Hawaiian dancing. Don Ho would have been proud! ! ! He luckily grew up. He was in the Navy, and served over in Vietnam, did 3 tours of combat, and was very glad to get home. He went to work for Westinghouse Electric, then moved on to IBM. He eventually retired from IBM, and he is again working, but having a ball doing it. He has always loved to write, and poetry, and articles or short stories, which is just some of the many things he liked to do. He has been known to write a couple of songs, and even short stories…..his latest being “Riches To Rags, Rags To Riches” (which he is still working on) .

He is an accomplished husband to a wonderful wife Christine, and has three wonderful children, (whom are not really children anymore) , and four wonderful grandsons. He has been in the movies, and he performed as an actor/singer/stuntman, among other things. Here's hopeing you enjoy his little rantings about humor, and life’s little hiccups. He hope's you enjoy his poems, at least as much as he has enjoyed writing them…..

Gary Halsey Sr.'s Works:

None, however he has actually created one of his own called 'Life's Little Hiccups', it is self published. Updates

My Entity

We all have spirits,
to me that’s a fact,
to see it is one thing,
would you know how to act?

What would it look like?
What makes it work?
Could it be a kind spirit?
Would it be a jerk?

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