Gary Soto

(1952 / Fresno, California)

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  • Michael (12/6/2018 1:17:00 PM)

    You forgot the poem Oranges

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  • unknown (11/30/2018 12:51:00 PM)

    researching him for school! ! ! ! He is great at writing poems! ! ! ! !

  • Unknown kitten (11/14/2018 9:54:00 PM)

    I guess I'm not the only one who loved poems a lot! ʕ •ᴥ•ʔ

  • Gary Soto (11/14/2018 1:32:00 PM)

    Thanks for your comments, love y'all

  • I love Gary Soto''s poems (11/13/2018 10:10:00 PM)

    They are right he did write oranges. That was a fantastic poem!

  • Unknown kitten (11/13/2018 2:24:00 PM)

    He also wrote oranges and it was a good poem

  • unknown (11/7/2018 10:50:00 AM)

    Why are there so many little kids on this site?

  • unknown (11/1/2018 7:55:00 PM)

    he also wrote Antigua

  • ur friend (10/9/2018 1:52:00 PM)

    actually in infinity war spodermen doesnt die peter perker does! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! .....

  • pastacat (10/1/2018 7:41:00 PM)

    He also wrote Oranges btww.

Best Poem of Gary Soto

A Red Palm

You're in this dream of cotton plants.
You raise a hoe, swing, and the first weeds
Fall with a sigh. You take another step,
Chop, and the sigh comes again,
Until you yourself are breathing that way
With each step, a sigh that will follow you into town.

That's hours later. The sun is a red blister
Coming up in your palm. Your back is strong,
Young, not yet the broken chair
In an abandoned school of dry spiders.
Dust settles on your forehead, dirt
Smiles under each fingernail.
You chop, step, and by the end of the first row,
You can buy one splendid ...

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How Things Work

Today it's going to cost us twenty dollars
To live. Five for a softball. Four for a book,
A handful of ones for coffee and two sweet rolls,
Bus fare, rosin for your mother's violin.
We're completing our task. The tip I left
For the waitress filters down
Like rain, wetting the new roots of a child
Perhaps, a belligerent cat that won't let go
Of a balled sock until there's chicken to eat.

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