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16. Sun Is Falling Down 8/24/2013
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20. We Are Together, 'Forever' 4/25/2014
21. Be You 1/2/2015
22. Her Eyes: 1/5/2015
23. An Example Of Unconditional Love: 12/27/2014
24. You Are Always With Me... :) 8/13/2013
25. A Poem For Unity (Hindi+urdu) 4/20/2014

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A Poem For Unity (Hindi+urdu)

हमारी रगों में बसता है हिन्दोस्तान, इसे अब और ना बांटो,,
कितना और करोगे हिन्दू- मुसलमान, अरे कोई तो नफरत के इस धागे को काटो..
मुसाफिर हैरान है अपने मुल्क के रहनुमाओं से, जो फर्क करते हैं दो भाइयों में भी,
अरे, अगर बाँटना ही है तो हिंदी का प्यार,, उर्दू की मिठास को बांटो..

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Sun Is Falling Down

when I was thinking about u, , I felt like you are my sunshine, , ,
yeah, , you came and removed all the darkness from me..
you was entering inside me, ,
with your lovely sparkling smile...
sometimes I was afraid from clouds, ,
but you was penetrating them...
with all your powers, , and was coming to me...
I felt like I was waiting for you from ages., , ,
I was waiting for my sunshine....

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