Gaylord Munemo and Jalisa Curtin

Biography of Gaylord Munemo and Jalisa Curtin

This compilation is a typical express testimony of the inconsideration of territorial, racial, ethnic and cultural background. Regardless of their differences and diverse understanding of life, Jalisa, an American and Gaylord, a Zimbabwean decided to create a book of poetry focused on love, the ups and downs, life, the smiles and tears and friendship, the laughters and fights. Hope you will enjoy the works of the two. Updates

A Poem For A Friend

I was down in a lonely world,
Haunted by loneliness that i failed to define,
I looked east and saw none,
I looked north and saw none neither,
I looked west and saw one,
In those moments of solitude you came,
Like a shadow without the image,
Reflected in my presence with light,
You gave a shoulder, i stood strong,

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