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Gaz illionaire Poems

1. Hammered And Nailed 6/18/2007
2. Union Street 6/19/2007
3. This Is What I'M Saying 7/3/2007
4. Potentially Dangerous (With A Keyboard.) 7/4/2007
5. Quote Me Unhappy 7/8/2007
6. Jober As A Sudge 7/11/2007
7. Last Hit 7/13/2007
8. Trouble With A Capitol T 7/15/2007
9. Pills In The Form Of Words 7/15/2007
10. Dear God When You Get This Send Me An E-Mail The Bible Got Boring After Reading The Title 7/24/2007
11. Honey-Bee 7/25/2007
12. I’m Not Dribbling Over Your Sibling 8/1/2007
13. Fireplace 8/14/2007
14. Suicide, A Sick Fad Amongst Teens 8/14/2007
15. An Opportune Moment 8/15/2007
16. Distant Words, Instant Verbs 8/16/2007
17. Push My Fingers Into My Eyes 8/19/2007
18. The Interview 8/22/2007
19. Whatever Smokes Your Bacon 8/25/2007
20. Houston We Have A Problem 8/27/2007
21. Insane In The Fame Game 8/29/2007
22. The Belief Of Soberness 8/3/2007
23. 1046 Views On Youtube, Yet You Still Act The Whore 8/4/2007
24. When I Thought Soliciting Was Something A Solicitor Did 8/11/2007
25. C Is For C You Later! 8/12/2007
26. Thank God I’m Not Christian 8/12/2007
27. Set Your Words From Stun To Kill 8/13/2007
28. Legs At Twenty To Hi5 9/7/2007
29. Internet Pop Up Advertisments (Are Almost Annoying As A Woman When She Choose's To Start An Argument When Its Common Knowledge She's Won Before Her Gob Even Opens!) 9/15/2007
30. Ego-Illogical 9/16/2007
31. You Must Be A Tennis Player Because Love Means Nothing To You. 10/11/2007
32. Quarter2blyth 10/11/2007
33. Words In The Chamber 10/11/2007
34. Manufactured Tears 10/11/2007
35. I Write Non-Fiction 11/8/2007
36. Re: Stand Tall 11/11/2007
37. The Night Before The Morning After 11/11/2007
38. Ugly Smugly 11/13/2007
39. Social Networking Syndrome 11/18/2007
40. When The Devil Goes Ice-Skaking 11/22/2007
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I just use my imagination,
Used it from kindergarten to graduation,
Use your own in any situation,
But if you don’t just stick to masturbation.

Now what doesn’t kill me will make me stronger,
Words can’t kill me so I might make them longer,
A symphony might be sympathy but that aint shit to me,
Easy, really? I made this a walk in the park,
In the dark I wrote this in the dark as we kissed,
I missed a beat a missed your verse,
I’m cursed with voices in my head,
Voices I dread, voices I played and made,
Voices I paid to keep away,
Voices I ...

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Union Street

Take me down to Union Street to the old Wallaw cinema,
I might busk outside it I’ll sing songs from a far,
I’ll sing songs about this place I’ll sing this song,
Everything is crumbling so tell me what went wrong,
I see pigeons on the market place pigeons on the roof,
A pigeons just laid a brick on me it left a stain not pain for proof,
The girl with pink in her yellow hair stares a stare,
Stares a glance but keep walking mate not a chance,
I’ve never seen a girl so quite forlorn,

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