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41. Girl In The Gold Dress (Colourado Ect.) 12/3/2007
42. Of Galaxies, Gravity And Love 12/3/2007
43. All My Girlfriends Have Been Plastics 12/10/2007
44. She's Got Nails 12/15/2007
45. For The Benefit Of The Driver 12/16/2007
46. Just Because You’re Holding My Hand Doesn’t Mean I’m Holding Yours 1/8/2008
47. Imprudent Student 10/19/2007
48. Remember What Happened In The 80's 10/19/2007
49. Spies 11/2/2007
50. Pinkie Promise 11/2/2007
51. Carousel (One Year Older.) 11/4/2007
52. Non-Frictional 9/13/2007
53. Appreciation Of Interrogation 1/12/2008
54. Youth Of Britain 1/18/2008
55. Room 100 1/20/2008
56. These Words Are Wrote 1/21/2008
57. Brick Wall 1/23/2008
58. Contrast 1/23/2008
59. Late October Supernova 1/13/2008
60. Insperation Ejeculation 2/3/2008
61. Condoms Are The 21st Century’s Version Of The Glass Slipper (Explicit) 2/3/2008
62. Breaking Down 2/7/2008
63. Standing On Stars 2/11/2008
64. Well We Got Chemistry Now 2/14/2008
65. The Hardest Way To Pull An Easy Woman 2/22/2008
66. Snakes And Blabbers 2/25/2008
67. Delicate Like Flowers 2/25/2008
68. Dead Men Flying 2/26/2008
69. Ill Temperament 2/27/2008
70. Converse Is Speech Not A Pair Of Trainers! 3/2/2008
71. Dont Doubt A Doubter 3/5/2008
72. Pity With Pennies 3/8/2008
73. Lovers Fraud 3/10/2008
74. For King And For Kaiser 4/20/2008
75. Fell From The Sky 6/8/2008
76. Defragging The Mind 6/8/2008
77. No Frills Guaranteed 6/8/2008
78. Words From Your Mouth 6/8/2008
79. Sweet Little Lies 6/8/2008
80. Take These Words With You Too You’re Grave 6/8/2008

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I just use my imagination,
Used it from kindergarten to graduation,
Use your own in any situation,
But if you don’t just stick to masturbation.

Now what doesn’t kill me will make me stronger,
Words can’t kill me so I might make them longer,
A symphony might be sympathy but that aint shit to me,
Easy, really? I made this a walk in the park,
In the dark I wrote this in the dark as we kissed,
I missed a beat a missed your verse,
I’m cursed with voices in my head,
Voices I dread, voices I played and made,
Voices I paid to keep away,
Voices I ...

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Dog Dirt

Dog dirt, you don’t wanna step on it,
Dog dirt, you don’t wanna slip on it,
Dog dirt, you need to watch your step,
Dog dirt; check yourself for any specks.

Now when I say dog dirt I mean my thoughts,
I’m using it as a metaphor incase I get caught,
Now I love her but I can’t tell her,
Because if she ever found out I’ll be feeling under the weather,

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