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81. Cold Shoulder Treatment 6/8/2008
82. Gemerald 6/8/2008
83. Top Of The Pops 6/8/2008
84. Halfway To Forty 6/8/2008
85. Another Chance 6/8/2008
86. Smoking Class B Drugs Is Fine, But Kissing Prostitutes Isn’t 2/13/2008
87. Parental Advisory: Explicit Adolescents 6/19/2007
88. Relax Its Only A Poem 7/12/2007
89. May I Have Your Redemption Please 9/20/2007
90. Just Clumsy 11/11/2007
91. Syntax Of A Feud 11/28/2007
92. With Words I Am Legend 2/25/2008
93. Candy Bags 1/30/2008
94. Gone Fishing 1/27/2008
95. Violence In Silence 9/2/2007
96. I, Saw, I, Came, I, Conquered 7/16/2007
97. Guy Fawkes Night 11/4/2007
98. My Entire Fault 10/11/2007
99. Monkey See, Monkey Don’t 10/11/2007
100. The Devil Makes Work For Idle Thumbs 1/18/2008
101. Runaway Train 1/28/2008
102. Nostalgic Love 1/17/2008
103. Daydreaming A Daydream I Daydreamed 48 Hours Ago 7/10/2007
104. Sulk Poem 7/1/2007
105. Dont Play With Your Words 7/13/2007
106. This Town Aint Big Enough For The Relationship 7/9/2007
107. Bend Your Words To Sound Like Sins 7/9/2007
108. Happily Ever Rapture 8/1/2007
109. Colourado 9/11/2007
110. Poetry Emotion 8/14/2007
111. Solitary 1/13/2008
112. Smile, It Enhances Your Face Valu€ 9/15/2007
113. A Is For Alcohol 1/8/2008
114. Painting A Poem 2/3/2008
115. A Moment Alone 2/11/2008
116. The Internet Seems So Barren Without You! 8/9/2007
117. Plastic Lass 6/19/2007
118. Discourse In The Disco 7/12/2007
119. Valentines Day Poem 2/13/2008
120. Illuminate The Illuminati 7/16/2007

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I just use my imagination,
Used it from kindergarten to graduation,
Use your own in any situation,
But if you don’t just stick to masturbation.

Now what doesn’t kill me will make me stronger,
Words can’t kill me so I might make them longer,
A symphony might be sympathy but that aint shit to me,
Easy, really? I made this a walk in the park,
In the dark I wrote this in the dark as we kissed,
I missed a beat a missed your verse,
I’m cursed with voices in my head,
Voices I dread, voices I played and made,
Voices I paid to keep away,
Voices I ...

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Oh Lady Tanya we got a present for you,
We aint from a gang or from a gun toting crew,
Were from a small town that’s not well known,
Were all straight up were all home grown,
A lad knocks into me oh his excuse was fake,
I don’t believe for a second it was a mistake,
Two seconds while I converse something mannish,
Or unless you want someone else then I’ll just vanish.

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