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I just use my imagination,
Used it from kindergarten to graduation,
Use your own in any situation,
But if you don’t just stick to masturbation.

Now what doesn’t kill me will make me stronger,
Words can’t kill me so I might make them longer,
A symphony might be sympathy but that aint shit to me,
Easy, really? I made this a walk in the park,
In the dark I wrote this in the dark as we kissed,
I missed a beat a missed your verse,
I’m cursed with voices in my head,
Voices I dread, voices I played and made,
Voices I paid to keep away,
Voices I ...

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Dog Dirt

Dog dirt, you don’t wanna step on it,
Dog dirt, you don’t wanna slip on it,
Dog dirt, you need to watch your step,
Dog dirt; check yourself for any specks.

Now when I say dog dirt I mean my thoughts,
I’m using it as a metaphor incase I get caught,
Now I love her but I can’t tell her,
Because if she ever found out I’ll be feeling under the weather,

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