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My Sweet Love Memories

Since the first time my eyes set on you,
I can't help myself not to think of you
Every single day you are in my vivid mind,
Every single moment you are in my heart

I start dreaming of the promising future with you
I start planning the beautiful life with you
I start building the wonderful thing that pleases you
The foundation of love that I only offer to you

Days are passed, months and years
That time is like a million years
Our love grows stronger every day
With your sweetness caring way
And your gentle loving way

Our romantic novel is like a fairy tale
It will never last, and it will never fade
Wanted to read it a million times
To feed the sensation given by our love

The adoration is like a mystical flower
Always bloom every season of times
With unforgettable fragrance scent
That covers our senses and floats into the air

It's been a year now since the last time
When I held your arms
The last look in my eyes
That can't get away from you

The moment you were gone
You left me those memories
But it's more than memories...
Because you were always alive in my heart.

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