Gene Olson

Rookie (1970 / Saskatchewan, Canada)

Biography of Gene Olson

I live in a small town somewhere in western Canada. I am a fire officer in our local fire depatment and I am grateful to have the chance to help those who can not help themselves. I recently began writing poetry out of a need to express my feelings and as you will see, I try to put as much feeling into my poems as possible. I live life to the fullest of my abilities and enjoy the benefits of family and good friends. I write for myself, but I hope you can find some enjoyment in my rudimentary poems. Thank you for reading them. Updates

The Autumn Wind

The autumn wind is blowing in
I can see traces of it’s passing
in the color of the leaves
Each day the rich green leaves
lose some of their hue
When it started to change is not quite known
and when you look from day to day
the change is not as striking
but as I look over the vast forest