Geoffrey Fafard

Geoffrey Fafard Quotes

  • ''Whist travelling one is asked numerous unspoken questions
    You must do the asker the courtesy of an unspoken answer.''
    Travelling etiquette
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  • ''Old hotels are like old lovers
    Creaky, Freaky and Mysterious''
    Memories of both!
  • ''Taking your shoes off in a temple
    is like taking the saddle off your camel
    Comforting to the camel but confusing for you…''
    In a New Country..
  • ''Listen children
    A girl will cook like a master chef
    Calm, accurate and delicious
    A boy will cook like his mother
    Unbeatable, unchallengeable and delicious…''
    Sibling cook offs fantastic..
  • ''If a man walks away from you it is a slap in the face
    If a dog walks away from you-you are a disgrace…''
    Dogs are always there..

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Sydney. Memories

I remember Sydney
Blue Sydney days
Summer Sydney nights
Filled with the lingering scent
Of a careless youth
A skin caressing atmosphere
Of trembling excitement
Cold beers hot girls
Warm sandy beaches

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