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For those of you who don't know me (and there are millions) I'm Geoff Verdegast - politically incorrect social misfit, greasy-handed backyard mechanic, cranky eschewer of ubiquitous handheld communication devices, and half-starved author of the literary fantasy novel, 'OF STAVES AND SIGMAS.' I'm also a pseudo-talented charcoal and scratch-board artist (see OSAS's 1st & 2nd edition covers) , an amateur photographer, and a self-trained hobo who specializes in aimless roadside wandering, sleeping under bridges, hopping freight trains, and stealing fresh-baked pies from window sills.

Geoffrey Verdegast's Works:

Of Staves and Sigmas Updates

The Moment

Merely a glance,
We'd no acquaintance.
A moment later, gone.
Trivial to her,
Wrenching for me;
My courage usurped by timidity,
And she, sweet bird of beauty, flown.

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