George Arnold

(1834-1865 / the United States)

Biography of George Arnold

George Arnold (New York City, June 24, 1834 - November 9, 1865) was an author and poet. After briefly attempting a career as a portrait painter, he turned to writing and became a regular contributor to Vanity Fair and The Leader. A contemporary of Walt Whitman, Arnold was likewise a patron of Pfaff's beer cellar.

His most enduring work is a humorous piece, The Jolly Old Pedagogue. Updates

Alone By The Hearth

Here, in my snug little fire-lit chamber,
Sit I alone:
And, as I gaze in the coals, I remember
Days long agone.
Saddening it is when the night has descended,
Thus to sit here,
Pensively musing on episodes ended
Many a year.

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