George Essex Evans

(18 June 1863 – 10 November 1909 / London, England)

George Essex Evans Poems

41. Cymru 4/13/2010
42. A Vision Of Christ 4/13/2010
43. Adrift: A Brisbane River Reverie 4/13/2010
44. Auri Sacra Fames 4/13/2010
45. A Commonplace Song 4/13/2010
46. A Drought Idyll 4/13/2010
47. Australia 4/13/2010
48. In Collins Street 4/13/2010
49. A Federal Song 4/13/2010
50. Lux In Tenebris 4/13/2010
51. The Nation Builders 4/13/2010
52. Brunton Stephens 4/13/2010
53. John Farrell 4/13/2010
54. At The Base Hospital 4/13/2010
55. By The Sea 4/13/2010
56. Failure 4/13/2010
57. An Australian Symphony 1/4/2003
58. Eland’s River 4/13/2010
59. A Pastoral 1/4/2003
60. A Nocturne 1/4/2003
61. The Women Of The West 1/4/2003
62. A Grave By The Sea 4/13/2010
Best Poem of George Essex Evans

A Grave By The Sea

No white cloud sails the lonely sky,
Thro’ the gaunt trees no breezes sigh,
Thro’ the lush grass no fall of feet;
No song of bird in all the land,
But, floating faintly, dreamily,
The distant dirge of waves that beat
In discontent upon the sand.
Here, where all Nature seems aswoon,
Time, languid as a summer stream,
Drifts down the sweet soft afternoon;
And Death, discrowned of terror, brings
Surcease to souls that wake not soon,
And casts above Life’s fevered dream
Cool shadows of Immortal Wings.

Here, by the old graves overgrown,
A bare ...

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The Women Of The West

They left the vine-wreathed cottage and the mansion on the hill,
The houses in the busy streets where life is never still,
The pleasures of the city, and the friends they cherished best:
For love they faced the wilderness -- the Women of the West.

The roar, and rush, and fever of the city died away,
And the old-time joys and faces -- they were gone for many a day;
In their place the lurching coach-wheel, or the creaking bullock chains,
O'er the everlasting sameness of the never-e

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