George Frederick Cameron

(24 September 1854 – 17 September 1885 / Canada)

Biography of George Frederick Cameron

George Frederick Cameron poet

George Frederick Cameron ( 24 Sept. 1854 – 17 Sept. 1885) was a Canadian poet, lawyer, and journalist, best known for the libretto for the operetta Leo, the Royal Cadet. He was born 24 Sept. 1854 in New Glasgow, Nova Scotia. His parents were James Grant Cameron and Jessie Sutherland. He was educated in New Glasgow.

He moved to Boston in April 1869. He graduated from the Boston University School of Law in 1877. He worked for the law firm Dean, Butler and Abbot of Boston from 1877-1882. He contributed poetry to Boston periodicals, including the Courier and the Transcript. In fall 1882 he enrolled in Queen’s College in Kingston, Ontario where he won a poetry prize in 1883 for “Adelphi.” He was a member of the Confederation Poets who had a distinctive Canadian poetic style. He married Ella Amey on 22 Aug. 1883. He was the editor of the Daily News in Kingston, Ontario from March 1883 until his death of heart failure on 17 September 1885 at Millhaven, Ontario. The couple had had one daughter, Jessie Cameron Alison.

George Frederick Cameron was a war poet since he was a poet writing in time of and on the subject of the Anglo-Zulu War. He wrote Leo, the Royal Cadet. The latter achieved over 1,700 performances between its premiere in 1889 and 1925 and has recently been revived in a revised version. In 1887 his brother, Charles L. Cameron, edited and published a selection of Cameron's poems under the title Lyrics on freedom, love and death (Kingston, 1887).

George Frederick Cameron's Works:

George Frederick Cameron (Libretto) and Oscar Ferdinand Telgmann 'An entirely new and original military opera in four acts, entitled: Leo, the Royal Cadet Kingston, 1889,

Ho! Ho! My Airy Fairy Maid, Ho! Ho! My Pretty Maid, I met him in the far away from Opera and Operetta Excerpts Composer: Oscar Ferdinand Telgmann

Words: George Frederick Cameron
Farewell, O Fragrant Pumpkin Pie from Leo, the Royal Cadet Composer: Oscar Ferdinand Telgmann Words: George Frederick Cameron

Our Premier [music] / words by George Frederick Cameron ; music by Oscar Telgmann Kingston, Ont. : C.J. Cameron, c 1885 in honour of John A. Macdonald
George Frederick Cameron Lyrics on freedom, love and death, ed. C. J. Cameron (Kingston, Ont., and Boston, 1887; repr. Toronto and Buffalo, N.Y., 1973), and in Later Canadian poems, ed. J. E. Wetherell (Toronto, 1893)
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Anticipation is the oil that feeds
The flame of life. It is the Siren fair
That sings at twilight in the hollow reeds,
And drowns the moaning discord of despair.
Nay, now in darkest night it comes to me,-
It dulls the edge of every present care:
Blots from the tablets of the memory
What hath been ill, or is, inscribing there
In golden letters that which yet may be

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