George Howard

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Biography of George Howard

I was born the son of a Yorkshire Coal Hewer, in the heart of the West Yorkshire Coal fields.
I schooled at Ferrybridge Infants, Junior and then Primary. I then moved on to Pontefract Secondary Boys School, before escaping to Castleford Technical High School.
My passion was Football [Soccer to you Yanks], I ate, slept and lived it, and it was my virtual universe. Then I met girls, and everything went swiftly down hill from there on in. [just joking! ].
While I was at school my favourite subjects were Art and Technical drawing, and I obtained top qualifications in both. This led to my Technical drawing teacher threatening to have me hung drawn and quartered, for signing up for a job with British Telecoms, as an Engineer.
Many, at times exciting, years later, I have returned to the fold so to speak, like the proverbial Prodigal son. I now find I have time to do the things I enjoy. Watercolour painting and constructing pictures, using other mediums. Writing, poetry and a novel in the pipe line. I really enjoy writing, and seeing others enjoy my work. I also like the criticism; it keeps one focused and alert! Nothing like a little mental swordsmanship, to keep one on one’s toes!
Anyway we’ll see what I can achieve, before I ‘move on’.

George Howard's Works:

Poetry from a Tangled Mind ISBN978-1-4457-3384-5 Updates

The Secret

If time does catch you by the elbow, do you turn?
No! Cast your mind onto the sea of future.
Set sail for unknown ports, across life's oceans.
Be not afraid of what's left behind! Face the beast Present.
Listen carefully, to hear the secret, the secret sought by many,
The secret captured by few.
The way is strewn with the souls of ‘turned' men.
Falter not, across the abyss of failure, for to fail, is but to start again!
And to start again, is to live! To fail and turn, is to die,

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