George Hunter

George Hunter Poems

281. Banana Peel 6/5/2009
282. 001-The Zebra 5/16/2013
283. -white Rabbit 7/19/2009
284. 001 - B. O. 8/10/2009
285. Mea Culpa (My Bad) 4/17/2009
286. Dreams 4/2/2009
287. Poem? 10/18/2007
288. Dumb Blonde - Smart Blonde 4/15/2009
289. Cows' Revenge 3/26/2009
290. A Horny Tale 5/24/2009
291. Bygone Days 4/2/2009
292. A Gal Named Grace 4/15/2009
293. Fire And Ice 9/15/2012
294. 001 - A Cure For Everything 9/16/2009
295. A Strange Custom 2/20/2009
296. Aromas 6/7/2009
297. Tuesday's Child 4/30/2012
298. A Day At The Beach 4/12/2009
299. Train Watching,1937 4/21/2009
300. Cat Limericks 6/23/2012
301. Six Weather Haiku 9/11/2009
302. Cat's Talking 6/17/2009
Best Poem of George Hunter

Cat's Talking

There was a big feline named Dancer
Who asked her mate for an answer.
How do you titillate an ocelot?
Why you just oscillate its titalot.
Now that you tell me I see that it’s true
How so much knowledge you could accrue
That is another thing I wish that I knew.
The more education you have the less you know
And another piece of information I could throw
Is that all this knowledge just makes me sadder
Now I realize it’s just mind over matter.
Which only means that if you don’t mind it don’t matter.

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Dying Young

The day we are born we all start dying,
It's the only thing in life we can do without trying.
Some go easy,
Some go hard,
We don't get to choose the draw of the card.

Two of my school buds didn't get to call
The way their roll of the dice would fall.
Enlisted early to pick their craft,

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