George Hunter

George Hunter Poems

41. The Solution 4/28/2009
42. Thinking About You 4/28/2009
43. Jack & Jill 4/28/2009
44. Fat Lady 4/30/2009
45. Rhyme 30 4/30/2009
46. Rabbits 5/8/2009
47. Kissing 5/8/2009
48. Gone Fishin' 5/10/2009
49. The Visit 5/10/2009
50. Treed 5/13/2009
51. Southern Rose 5/14/2009
52. Tooth Mechanic 5/15/2009
53. Frog Prince 5/17/2009
54. A Fable 5/19/2009
55. The Pimp 5/23/2009
56. Fishing Trip 5/23/2009
57. A Pee Poor Start 5/4/2009
58. Six More Haiku 5/29/2009
59. The Mickey 6/5/2009
60. No Les 6/5/2009
61. The Dog 6/5/2009
62. Spring Inertia 6/2/2009
63. Have A Bad Day 6/11/2009
64. Really Seeing 6/12/2009
65. Black Widow 6/12/2009
66. Par-Ee 6/13/2009
67. Poor George 6/19/2009
68. Disappearing Act 6/19/2009
69. Lincoln's Statue 6/21/2009
70. Murray's Tattoo 6/13/2009
71. Something Wrong 6/17/2009
72. Frisco 6/21/2009
73. The Old Suburban 6/25/2009
74. Tattoos 6/30/2009
75. Lunch 7/7/2009
76. Soupe Du Jour 7/8/2009
77. Clutterbug 7/8/2009
78. Git It Write 7/10/2009
79. Coed's Counselor 7/12/2009
80. Six Music Haiku 7/12/2009

Comments about George Hunter

  • Katinka Havermans Katinka Havermans (4/1/2012 4:49:00 AM)

    Hello George, thanks for your comment on my poem. I love yours too. I'm reading on Poemhunter a long time but only since yesterday I had the courage to place my poems here. The only problem is: The placing of comments. I guess I'm doing something not right. Hope this one will stick. :)

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  • Ramesh Rai Ramesh Rai (11/17/2011 3:00:00 AM)

    respected sir,
    i liked your poem. i like to request you to please spare your valuable time and comment on my poems. it shall be too much valuable for me. with kind regards.

  • Vicky Ring (6/12/2009 11:43:00 AM)

    Hi George, I have only been on Poemhunter since yesterday. I really enjoyed reading the Black Widow. I do understand there is alot of women out there like that. But I just got a divorce from a man who whined and acted just like that...all he wanted was my money and I want this and I want that. I never got anything from him it was me serving him like an old maid.

Best Poem of George Hunter

Cat Limericks

A Cat Called Nan

I once had a cat called Nan
Whose tail got caught in a fan.
It whirled her around
And naught could be found
But some fur and a piece or her can.

Big Fat Cat

I once had a big fat cat
Who caught a big friendly rat.
She played with it like a toy
It gave her so much joy
That she spared it and that was that.

Jack The Cat

Once had a cat named Jack
Who'd roll over on his back
He was so cute
Didn't give him the boot
Couldn't bear to give him the sack.

He's just loll around all day
Wanting to ...

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If I could think
Of some lines to go before,
I'd have a poem.
Or do I need To?
Brautigan could write

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