George Hunter

George Hunter Poems

81. Old Joke #2 7/13/2009
82. A Gal From Tuscaloosa 7/13/2009
83. My Motorcycle Was Too Slow 7/4/2009
84. A Futile Quest 7/5/2009
85. Oysters Symoisters 7/18/2009
86. Broken Girls 7/18/2009
87. My Dishwasher Died 7/21/2009
88. A Frabjus Find 7/21/2009
89. A Cool Ride 7/23/2009
90. Delorus 7/25/2009
91. Little Dog Taz 7/25/2009
92. Firewalking 7/26/2009
93. My Dog Clyde 7/27/2009
94. Soupe Du Jour #2 8/17/2009
95. Buddy, The Bane Of The Supper Table 8/22/2009
96. 001 - Bob The Impaler 8/25/2009
97. Don'T Want No Cell Phone 8/27/2009
98. 001 - The Compromise 8/28/2009
99. Lady With Rose No.7 8/31/2009
100. Happy Birthday 9/2/2009
101. 1 - Sound 9/4/2009
102. An Old Girlfriend 9/6/2009
103. A Short Encounter 9/11/2009
104. Another Day 9/20/2009
105. Six More Haiku,2 10/3/2009
106. The Chick From Mombassa 10/4/2009
107. A New Gnu 11/10/2009
108. A Thanksgiving Nightmare 11/22/2009
109. Breakfast 3/9/2010
110. Hunting And Pecking 12/10/2010
111. Thanksgiving Tuerque 11/24/2011
112. Ole Blue 11/24/2011
113. Sanny Claws 11/27/2011
114. Ho, Ho, Ho! 11/27/2011
115. 001 - Love Those Women 12/28/2011
116. Betty's Tattoo 2/5/2012
117. Garth, The Coprophagous Dog 2/12/2012
118. A Week 11/18/2011
119. Biscuit's Gone 3/8/2012
120. Temperature 3/8/2012

Comments about George Hunter

  • Katinka Havermans Katinka Havermans (4/1/2012 4:49:00 AM)

    Hello George, thanks for your comment on my poem. I love yours too. I'm reading on Poemhunter a long time but only since yesterday I had the courage to place my poems here. The only problem is: The placing of comments. I guess I'm doing something not right. Hope this one will stick. :)

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    2 person did not like.
  • Ramesh Rai Ramesh Rai (11/17/2011 3:00:00 AM)

    respected sir,
    i liked your poem. i like to request you to please spare your valuable time and comment on my poems. it shall be too much valuable for me. with kind regards.

  • Vicky Ring (6/12/2009 11:43:00 AM)

    Hi George, I have only been on Poemhunter since yesterday. I really enjoyed reading the Black Widow. I do understand there is alot of women out there like that. But I just got a divorce from a man who whined and acted just like that...all he wanted was my money and I want this and I want that. I never got anything from him it was me serving him like an old maid.

Best Poem of George Hunter

Cat Limericks

A Cat Called Nan

I once had a cat called Nan
Whose tail got caught in a fan.
It whirled her around
And naught could be found
But some fur and a piece or her can.

Big Fat Cat

I once had a big fat cat
Who caught a big friendly rat.
She played with it like a toy
It gave her so much joy
That she spared it and that was that.

Jack The Cat

Once had a cat named Jack
Who'd roll over on his back
He was so cute
Didn't give him the boot
Couldn't bear to give him the sack.

He's just loll around all day
Wanting to ...

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Hair Impaired

There was a man from Pierre
Who was very short on hair.
He said it was because his head
Rubbed the top of the bed
Whenever he had an affair.

But no one believed that at all
Because he wasn't all that tall,
So we were as mean as could be

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