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George Hunter Poems

201. Strife 11/18/2011
202. Hawaii Dreamin' 11/10/2009
203. 001 T & A's 8/2/2009
204. 001 - If Only I Hadn'T 7/26/2009
205. Six Haiku 5/26/2009
206. Students 6/25/2009
207. Ceo's Speech (What Did He Say?) 6/7/2009
208. Lost 4/22/2009
209. Flying Objects 4/17/2009
210. Superstition 4/6/2009
211. The Rose Tattoo 4/5/2009
212. Teevee 3/19/2009
213. Stranded 3/8/2009
214. Fate 3/4/2009
215. Dying Young 10/13/2007
216. Say What? 4/2/2009
217. Owed To Beer 3/26/2009
218. Old Joke 4/25/2009
219. Carpe Diem 5/31/2009
220. Spooks 6/28/2009
221. Tall Tales 11/10/2009
222. Elegy To A Chicken 2/5/2012
223. Christmas At The Big-K 11/27/2011
224. Southside Chicago Blues 2/23/2012
225. One Ball 2/23/2012
226. Nursery Rhymes Revisited 4/7/2012
227. Split Pea Soup 11/30/2013
228. His Last Wishes 2/15/2015
229. Santa And Me 2/15/2015
230. Love Me Like You Used To 11/30/2013
231. Wyatt The Earp 10/19/2014
232. Grocery Shopping 12/18/2012
233. New Mattress 3/25/2012
234. 001 Light Beer 12/12/2009
235. Reading Kipling 7/8/2009
236. A Kiss From A Rose 6/23/2009
237. Passing Gas 101 3/28/2009
238. Monopoly 2/28/2009
239. Radioactive 5/8/2009
240. Skeptic's Haiku 10/5/2014

Comments about George Hunter

  • Katinka Havermans Katinka Havermans (4/1/2012 4:49:00 AM)

    Hello George, thanks for your comment on my poem. I love yours too. I'm reading on Poemhunter a long time but only since yesterday I had the courage to place my poems here. The only problem is: The placing of comments. I guess I'm doing something not right. Hope this one will stick. :)

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  • Ramesh Rai Ramesh Rai (11/17/2011 3:00:00 AM)

    respected sir,
    i liked your poem. i like to request you to please spare your valuable time and comment on my poems. it shall be too much valuable for me. with kind regards.

  • Vicky Ring (6/12/2009 11:43:00 AM)

    Hi George, I have only been on Poemhunter since yesterday. I really enjoyed reading the Black Widow. I do understand there is alot of women out there like that. But I just got a divorce from a man who whined and acted just like that...all he wanted was my money and I want this and I want that. I never got anything from him it was me serving him like an old maid.

Best Poem of George Hunter

Six Weather Haiku

A beautiful day
Sun’s shining, birds are singing
God’s in his heaven.

Pouring rain today
A good thing to wash away
The sins of the world.

It’s snowing outside
Little white flakes floating down
Blanketing the world.

Snow falling on me
Anesthetizing my pain
Pristine flakes from sky.

High winds are blowing
Papers swirling down the road
Hold onto your hat.

Very dark tonight
It’s the story of my life
There’s no moon at all.

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A Strange Custom

As I was walking down the path
In my head I did some higher math.
They say that one and one makes two
But I know that that's not always true
'Cause sometimes one on one makes three
It's quite confusing don't you see.
The numbers don't add up to me.
And if you live down by the Bay
You're apt to swing the other way.

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