George mwandu

George mwandu Poems

1. My Home Land 10/17/2012
2. Franco 11/2/2012
3. Aids 11/2/2012
4. Awe 11/1/2012
5. Black Samurai 11/2/2012
6. Culture In Africa 11/1/2012
7. In My Gallary 11/4/2012
8. The Deep Blue Sky 11/5/2012
9. Power Of Love 11/6/2012
10. Wrong Love 11/6/2012
11. What Is Love? 11/2/2012
12. Poems 11/4/2012
13. Life 10/31/2012
14. Marijuana 11/1/2012
15. Gold 11/4/2012
16. My Love 10/30/2012
17. The Red Human Race 11/5/2012
18. What Is? 10/17/2012
19. Who Is Who 10/31/2012
20. Slavery In Africa 10/30/2012
21. Africa 10/30/2012
22. Tree Full Of Life 10/24/2012
23. Zambia The Real Africa 10/30/2012
24. The Heart Of Africa 11/1/2012
25. Oh Africa My Africa 10/30/2012

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Oh Africa My Africa

Oh Africa my Africa land of diamonds. Oh africa my Africa land of great kings Shaka, Haile Silasi, mandela to name a few. Oh mother Africa my Africa rich in gold.oh Africa my africa full of beautful women. Yes africa my africa land of real nature.

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My Home Land

they say stand and for zambia proud and free are we free what is freedom if the poor have no justice and are we proud of that? Land of work and joy in unity. What is work without employment? What is unity if baroseland wants to be its own country? Victory in the struggle for the rights we freedoms fight.we may have won our colonial masters but the

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