George Sterling

(1869-1926 / United States)

George Sterling Poems

81. At Sunset 4/7/2010
82. Compensation 4/7/2010
83. Autumn 4/7/2010
84. Autumn In Carmel 4/7/2010
85. At The Grand Cañon 4/7/2010
86. The Death Of Rupert Brooke 4/7/2010
87. Yosemite 4/7/2010
88. White Magic 4/7/2010
89. Ballad Of The Fatal Word 4/7/2010
90. Beloved 4/7/2010
91. Broadway - New York July 1916 4/7/2010
92. Spring In Carmel 1/4/2003
93. The City By The Sea -- San Francisco 4/7/2010
94. The Yellow Rose 4/7/2010
95. Ballad Of The Seeker 4/7/2010
96. The Cool, Grey City Of Love- San Francisco 4/7/2010
97. No Cloud Is On The Heavens 4/7/2010
98. Autumn (Stc) 4/7/2010
99. Careless 4/7/2010
100. A Wine Of Wizardry 4/7/2010
101. 4/7/2010
102. The Huntress Of Stars 4/7/2010
103. Ascension 4/7/2010
104. Adoration 4/7/2010
105. Afterward (Btb) 4/7/2010
106. An Autumn Thrush 4/7/2010
107. To One Asking Lighter Songs 4/7/2010
108. To Colonel John S. Engs 4/7/2010
109. After Sunset 4/7/2010
110. Alderberan At Dusk 4/7/2010
111. Amber 4/7/2010
112. An April Morning 4/7/2010
113. Absence (Stc) 4/7/2010
114. Afternoon 4/7/2010
115. At Noon 4/7/2010
116. Absence 4/7/2010
117. Alter-Flame 4/7/2010
118. At Dusk 4/7/2010
119. A Winter Sunset 4/7/2010
120. A Winter Dawn 4/7/2010

Comments about George Sterling

  • Nick G (4/15/2004 3:32:00 AM)

    George Sterling's poetry is very vivid and powerful. The best, which is not featured here, just might be 'In Extremis'. He has a way with his words and using colorful imagery to create beautiful and fantastic landscapes which certainly stand out. His book of poems entitled 'The House of Orchids' is monumental and worth seeking out. He carries on the Romantic tradition which Shelley, Keats and Poe were a part of. Sadly, Sterling's poetry is overlooked and he is not known by too many people. His best friend was Jack London and his work is nothing short of phenomenal. Other poems to check out by George would be 'Happiest', 'Flame', 'The Last Days' and 'The Tides of Change'. This writer deserves far more recognition for his extraordinary vision and superb skill. Also worth noting is that he went to a seminary where the poet/priest John Banister Tabb was a teacher.

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Best Poem of George Sterling

As It Was In The Beginning

The royal word goes forth, and armies do
The work of devils. Agony and waste
Are on the world, and the grim legions haste
On the old war-roads that the Caesars knew.
Still gleams the dreadful stain of Waterloo,
On Time's accusing record unerased;
Gone are the ramparts that the Romans faced,
But these the heavens where their eagles flew.

Below the bleak and slowly shifting stars,
Man turns him in his madness, to reveal
His ancient folly and his ancient crime,
And on the tragic breast austere with scars
Re-girds the mail, and draws the hiked steel,

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The Black Vulture

Aloof upon the day's immeasured dome,
   He holds unshared the silence of the sky.
   Far down his bleak, relentless eyes descry
The eagle's empire and the falcon's home --
Far down, the galleons of sunset roam;
   His hazards on the sea of morning lie;
   Serene, he hears the broken tempest sigh
Where cold sierras gleam like scattered foam.

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