George Weiss

[Captain Rainbow]

Biography of George Weiss

Rainbow George Weiss (born 15 October 1940) son of a diamond merchant, is a fringe UK politician who stood in 13 constituencies at the 2005 General Election.

He founded his own parties from the proceeds of the sale of a house in Hampstead, North London which he moved into in 1969 but stopped paying rent in 1984; remaining there as a squatter. He made a profit of £710,000 on the sale of the house in 2004 after HM Land Registry awarded him ownership of the property. He is proposing a "preferendum" where voters choose individual policies from amongst those offered by each of the major parties.
He was for many years the neighbour of comedian Peter Cook and released an album of some of his personal home recordings featuring Cook under the title Over At Rainbows after Cook's death in 1995. The recording features a few of the notorious phone conversations between LBC radio's Clive Bull and Peter Cook under the guise of a Norwegian fisherman called Sven, many of which were made from George's home.

In July 2006, Weiss disclosed on the Clive Bull radio show that he had about £50,000 remaining from the windfall, however by February 2007 he was giving the more ambiguous description of "somewhere under £50,000". Also during February of that year, Weiss announced he was standing as a candidate in the local Belfast by-elections and was subsequently banned from appearing on the Clive Bull show until they were over.

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