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George Witte is the author of Does She Have a Name? (NYQ Books, May 2014) , Deniability (Orchises Press,2009) and The Apparitioners (Three Rail Press,2005; now distributed by Orchises Press) . His work has appeared in The Atlantic, Antioch Review, Boulevard, Gettysburg Review, Poetry, Ploughshares, Prairie Schooner, Shenandoah, Southwest Review, Virginia Quarterly Review, Yale Review, and in The Best American Poets 2007 anthology. He received Poetry's Frederick Bock Prize for a group of poems, and a fellowship from the New Jersey Council for the Arts/Department of State.

George Witte's Works:

Does She Have a Name? (NYQ Books, May 14)
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Deniability: Poems
The Apparitioners: Poems

Both available from Orchises Press:
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An Open Letter

There's something to be said
for sitting still and letting things come clear,
the way morning fog burns off the lake.

A friend writes: enlisted
in the Air Force, put on weight and saw the world
you missed.I'm content
to wait on what drops by
or swoops in for a closer view.