George Wootton

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Biography of George Wootton

I have enjoyed reading poetry for as long as I can remember, even as a youngster. I began writing in my teens, short stories and plays but little poetry at that time. Poetry came along in my more recent years as the riggors of life began to really close in, as a way to express my feelings. For a long while they were kept to myself but family and friends encouraged me to publish some of them so I compiled a small collection of a hundred or so and had a booklet printed. I enjoy reading others work and seeing that I am not the only person with similar problems and joys. To some my words may not be particularly enjoyable but that is OK too, they are my feelings and expressions and not meant to change the world over to my way of thinking, (heaven forbid) . If the reader identifies with or enjoys them then I am blessed, if not then please don't be too critical.

George Wootton's Works:

Something to Think About (1996) (out of print) Updates

A Special Soul

Long ago and far away
God created a soul one day.
A beautiful soul it had to be
for it had a special purpose you see.
He filled it with love and mixed in compassion,
a sprinkle of wisdom as he carefully fashioned.
A generous portion of trust he mixed in,
leaving doubt and suspicion in their rusty old tin.
Attitude for serving, he poured in the whole can!

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