Geraldine Fernandez

Geraldine Fernandez Poems

1. Pipe Dream 1/21/2006
2. My Undying Love 1/21/2006
3. No Genuine Love 1/21/2006
4. Forlorn 1/21/2006
5. When Love Dies 1/21/2006
6. Imperfection From Absence 1/25/2006
7. Let Me Be Your Angel 1/25/2006
8. Apollo 1/25/2006
9. So Afraid 1/25/2006
10. Sullen Soul 1/29/2006
11. A Sullen Fate 1/29/2006
12. No One But I 1/29/2006
13. Exquisite Eyes 1/29/2006
14. Love’s Extent 1/29/2006
15. Eros 1/29/2006
16. Epitome Of Life’s Accumulated Poignancy 1/29/2006
17. Whatever You Are 1/25/2006
18. Pink Letter 2/7/2006
19. Promises Of Love 1/21/2006
20. In Your Sleep, I Die 2/7/2006
21. The Magic In My Hands 2/7/2006
22. Numb Heart 1/25/2006
23. Love Hurts 1/21/2006
24. Heart Of Gold 2/7/2006
25. A Ride On My Pen 1/21/2006
26. Summer’s Heat, Summer’s Hate 1/25/2006
27. A Hero, A Nationalist 1/25/2006

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Best Poem of Geraldine Fernandez

A Hero, A Nationalist

It is growing like a tree
Inside the heart that makes man better be
With noble soul in company
That endows him with strange potency.

His tender youth secured from the world’s alarms
In the soft prison of his country’s arms
Eyes sparkling gaze at the rainbow’s slope
Carried upon the mighty swell of hope.

The land of beauty with him was fair
His first glimpse of light and whiff of air
His love for those made him brave
Gave him vigor that can’t be carried by the wave.

The strength of heart and hands
Inspired by the beauty of our land

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A Ride On My Pen

I rode on my pen
And sailed with the wind
I enfolded the sky
With my heart that may never die.

I rode on my pen
And reached the galaxy
Danced in the Milky Way

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