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Gerard Woods Poems

1. Hair From My Head 7/4/2015
2. The Soldier 7/4/2015
3. Poetry 7/5/2015
4. Vietnam 7/9/2015
5. Flowering Tree 7/21/2015
6. Child Hood Days 7/23/2015
7. Mother 7/23/2015
8. Lincolns Death 7/23/2015
9. Lightning, Clouds, Rain 7/25/2015
10. Africa 7/25/2015
11. The Battle Of Good And Evil 7/31/2015
12. Theater Of War 7/31/2015
13. War When Will It Ever End 8/13/2015
14. Wilderness 8/19/2015
15. The Sea's 9/1/2015
16. Ushie 9/13/2015
17. Lost Love 9/15/2015
18. Death 10/8/2015
19. Mr. President 10/18/2015
20. Heavens Door 10/18/2015
21. The Somme 7/7/2016
22. The Somme 7/9/2016
23. Working Lady 7/22/2016

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Best Poem of Gerard Woods

The Somme

Over the hill
There the bullets where flying
Over the hill, men were dying
Forward towards the enemy trenches and
Rifle and machine gun fire
Men where falling
But not one man would retire
Forward to the guns
Over the wire, men where crawling
Hundreds falling under and over the wire
Towards the guns and the machine gun fire
But no man would retire
Except by enemy rifle and machine gun fire

Little ground had been taken
But at no time where the ranks breaking
Onwards forward
Towards the enemy trenches
And the rifle and machine gun fire ...

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The Soldier

He awoke from his dirty muddy hole,
shivering cold, To be told,
by an officer with red tired eyes,
We attack before light,
Be ready to kill for wrong or for right
Be ready.'
A cup of tea before dying, the soldier thought,
As he read through the bible a week ago he'd bought.
A passage he read in the bible said,

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