Geri Ferris

Rookie (Oct.10,1994 / L.A, California)

Biography of Geri Ferris

Born in L.A, California on October 10,1994. Moved to Indianapois, Indiana in 1999. Moved to Lincoln Park, New Jersey in 2001. Straight 'A' student at L.P.M.S. Sports fanatic: Ilove the New York Yankees, Pittsburgh Steelers, Miami Heat, and the New York Rangers. Athletic; I play soccer, softball, field hockey, lacrosse, basketball, and cheerleading. Related to George Ferris, inventor of the carnival ride the 'Ferris Wheel'. Very popular at my school; everyone asks me for advise. I love science and writing stories and poetry. I have had poems published in the newspaper.

Geri Ferris's Works:

I do not yet have any published books, but i promise one day I will become a best-seller for my poetry and maybe some novels. Updates

Live Everyday

The weather outside grows cold,
as many americans grow old.
Day by day,
night by night.
There is simply nothing else to do but live everyday,
like you were not to see sunlight the next.
If today were to be your last, would you be happy?
Today; tomorrow.
Nothing left to do but wait.

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