German Alcala

Rookie (August 24th 1996)

Biography of German Alcala

15 year old Boy Queen Poet. Crowned on May 17,2010 (when I published my first eBook)

Website: http: //GermanAlcala.Tk

'If... Liberace ate Lil Kim (circa 1996-2008) and then made a baby with Shakira after she had drunk Edgar Allan Poe's ashes you would pretty much get my clone... or the true story of my creation! ! ! '

Twitter: @GermanAlcala

And On The Eighth Day (The Free Digital Album) is now out at my website!
And On The Eighth Day & the Special Edition are out everywhere!

German Alcala's Works:

Poems Poems Poems Galore 20 Poems You'll Simply Adore
http: //

The Journey For Peace in Windilia
http: //

Random Rhyming & Christmas Crying A Story of Christmas Origins
http: //

No Purer Passion
http: //

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