gerry mark

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Biography of gerry mark

i was raised without a father....i have been struggling with life but tend to get around.... i started writing poems at the age of 12 yrs and now im in love with it i continue pursuing my dream to become one of the best poets around. i am someone who is eager to learn new stuff and im all about being sucessful..... people say that my life is only about my computer and shit but what lies behind these computers i use are beyond imagination and what i am able to do with it is beyond some people's level of thinking. i am gerry terry mark and i am here to please both myself and the perosn who is reading this, , , , , yes you you are the person i am talking to you fool are you not the reader? continue reading Updates

If You Love Someone

If you love someone set them free
If they come back then it was meant to be
If you love someone with all your heart
Please try your best to always mend their broken heart
If you love someone who doesn’t believe in love
Teach them and show them that there is a mighty one up above
If you love someone who is not good in hearing
Teach them the signs of loving and caring
If you love someone because you do

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